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Fanny Müller is a passionate Fashion Blogger/ Wardrobe Stylist based in Chicago, IL & Milwaukee, WI but originally from Cameroon, West Africa. She has a keen eye for fashion and approaches it as a fun playground while constantly looking for new challenges, inspirations, and opportunities to stay up to date, learn, grow, and evolve. She describes her style as Electic, Edgy, and Daring! She is not afraid to try new trends while staying true to her personal style, and loves a great style steal like a true fashionista! On an off-dutty day, you can find her vintage shopping, checking out an art gallery, grabbing drinks with friends, checking out that new hot restaurant, or spending some quality time with her big family.



"LAFREECAINE" is a cool play of words between French and English that I both Speak, which simply means African. Right! So simple, but it goes deeper than that! I was very careful when choosing my Blog's name because I wanted something out of the ordinary that would still describe me in some ways and quietly tell my story,

If you pay close attention when reading, you can notice the word "FREE" in "LaFREEcaine" which was crucial when picking this name.

Being quote on quote Free, and Freedom overall are two things that are very close to my heart since I left my beloved home country Cameroon. Only a handful of people that are very close to me know what I am specifically talking about. But maybe one day, when the right time comes I would share more details about that with my readers.

Beyond that, "FREE" in LaFREEcaine also translate to me as having the Freedom of style, making your own rules, and not limiting yourself when it comes to Fashion. It is all about experiencing, being adventurous, and having fun, lots of fun!

And last but not least, the name LAFREECAINE also celebrates my African roots which I am extremely proud of. I am all for embracing who we are, and knowing where I come from has tremendously shaped my views in life and helped me decide where I am going.

I am so excited and thrilled to have you follow me on this journey of fun adventures.

This blog is an outlet for my creativity while aspiring to inspire/empower others to look and feel their best everyday! To have fun with fashion, be daring, fearless, and above all adventurous while staying cost conscious!

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